LeaholmeRiseAlpacasLogo 60x51LeaholmeRiseAlpacasLogo 60x51This coming Saturday 8/11 the Fitzroy River & Coastal Catchment group will be hosting their annual Small Landholders Day workshop at Swan Park (AFL Grounds) Arthur Street, Yeppoon.
It's a really interesting day with informative talks by rural support bodies, property owners, industry and government representatives and other stakeholders.  As well as displays and stands by supporting bodies and businesses.
We will be there with our Alpaca products, along with Sharalandan Park Alpacas and some Alpacas, to provide information around the lifestyle of Alpaca ownership.
The day kicks off at 8:30am with several different topics presented simultaneously at different locations for about 40 minutes each, that you can move between throughout the day.
If you are thinking about becoming Alpaca owners this is an ideal opportunity for you to talk Alpaca with two of your established local breeders, as well as pick up other useful information at the sessions throughout the day about being a "Small Landholder".

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 We hope to see you there,

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