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Fig Tree Creek this coming Sunday.
It's a great market, one of our favourites and looks like being a beautiful spring morning.

Lots of products, music, food and a great atmosphere.
A very pleasant way to pass a few hours on a Sunday morning.
We'd love to see you there so why not come along and support YOUR local small businesses.

If you haven't visited us before come and say hi, we'd love to meet you and chat 'paca.

Since we began offering our 100% Australian Alpaca products at local markets we have developed some wonderful relationships with several local artisans.

With the beauty and appreciation for this quality fleece rapidly growing we are now excited to be able to offer a range of stunning and unique hand made Alpaca products crafted by these very talented individuals. Hand woven, hand knitted and hand crocheted products from 100% Australian Alpaca Fleece.

You really need to come and see for yourself what these very gifted people are capable of creating.
Beautiful, durable, comfortable apparel produced by skilled people in our community using this fabulous Fibre Of The Gods.

We are so proud to be able to promote such accomplished individuals.

In addition of course we continue to offer our quality Alpaca homewares such as pillows, quilts, underlays, rugs and throw blankets. Clothing and apparel such as shawls, ponchos, scarves, beanies and socks, sterling silver jewellery, custom hand made pet pillows filled with Alpaca fleece and more.

Remember - every Alpaca product available from us is 100% Australian.

We also offer gift vouchers to ease the burden with those "hard to buy for" loved ones and friends.
Plus ... we accept credit and debit cards.

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100% Aussie made
100% Aussie owned

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Did we happen to mention that our Alpaca products are 100% Australian?

Mel & Branton smiley