Welcome to
Leaholme Rise Alpacas.

We are located in Central Queensland just 20kms from Rockhampton towards Emu Park on the Capricorn Coast and nestled in a valley bounded by National Park and State Forest.

Our love affair with Alpacas began in 2010 and we have both Huacaya (wa-ky-uh) and Suri (soo-ree) Alpacas.

We’re proud of the fact that we are a small farm, being very “hands-on” with our Alpacas and those entrusted to our care, with individual attention and lots of TLC.

One of the main reasons we became involved with Alpacas is that they are environmentally friendly, easy to handle and just so damned cute.

We endeavour to live in a more sustainable manner having a small thriving orchard as well as several veggie beds for our own chemical free produce.

In accordance with these principles we believe in using natural remedies and medicines where possible, choosing not to use chemicals unnecessarily on our farm or in our Alpacas.

We believe that natural prevention is better than chemical “cure”.

We prefer to not use routine mass injections, drenches, etc. as this practice quickly builds up resistance resulting in weak and compromised animals.

Our property is registered with Land For Wildlife through Greening Australia with the majority of our land (approximately 85%) in its natural state for our local flora and fauna.

We also subscribe to the World Wildlife Fund among others.

Some of our future plans include the building of a poured earth home as part of a more environmentally friendly life-style, incorporating solar power and passive solar building techniques. See our “Links” page for some of the sites that we use for reference and ideas.

Melanie and Branton Hibbett 😀